Tuesday, December 30, 2008

more design ideas from really cool hotels

idea to steal- all simple interior punctuated by the big feature, in this case the stain glass church like windows.
idea to steal- modern mixed with the ancient gods wall art.
idea to steal- all white room with a real punch of color with the red bath
idea to steal- the pillar! have a big statement piece thats unique.
idea to steal- the fringe curtains that look great as room dividers.

marine glass balls

these are used in beach themes a lot but are a bit rustic for me so my next mission is to find less kitschy ones.

first steps towards my beach decorating

I bought this cool lamp and tortoise shell like bowl/vase as a start to my beach house makeover. I am painting my walls vivid white so the green in the background is going, I am in two minds about the Florence Broadhurst wallpaper as it's too precious to strip but it doesn't really go with the beach theme, which is mainly blues, whites and linen beige and browm.

cooking? what cooking?

You would hardly believe that I am a cook for the lack of foodie posts, well here is one. I thought the colors of my sago pudding looked good, organic chocolate, raspberry sauce and pistachios and it's vegan and wheat free and they sell like hot cakes at my cafe.

Monday, December 29, 2008

beach style

I am redoing my living/dining in beach style, it makes sense as I live in Byron bay and only 2 minutes from the closest beach, I can hear the waves at night.My house also has lots of wood and is very light and airy, all essentials to beach style.I have already started and will post some pics soon but here some other beach houses in the meantime.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Indian national dress

Although the once humble sari has come a long way as seen in these pictures, they still remain generally only worn by Indian women.I wear a sari once a week.I believe the work that goes into an elaborate sari far surpasses any other clothing... but then I am biased, judge for yourself.

beautifully crafted chairs

all by artek.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

real estate - byronbay

it's a beautiful place to live but you have to pay...

hinterland for millions.

beachfront for a cool 3.5 mil.

Kadamba flowers

Kadamba flowers hail from India, I think their botanical name is Cadamba and Krishna loves the them so I used some in His turban today. They are an unusual flower but are highly fragrant and have lots of pollen so you really have to fight the bees when picking them.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

sustainable design

these are lights made from organic materials and are thus sustainable and they are cool as well.

one crazy peacock

trivia about peacocks: its the national bird of India, the females select males mainly by the condition of their plumes (this one in the picture is quite a catch then for the ladies), it's considered a sin by Hindus to kill peacocks because of their connection to many gods and the main God, NBC network in the US uses the peacock logo. Not so trivial fact: Lord Krishna always wears a peacock feather.

more art

I am on a roll now, I showed you some of my art in an earlier post, this is another one I finished this week in my spare time, they are Indian designs that I have picked up here and there as I love all things Indian.( I hope to retire in India one day, possibly in the same place where my friend from Lost and Found in India blog- Braja lives.) I use beads and sequins in my art mainly, this one has a lot of my favorite colours and my trademark paisley.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

cool finds- dec.

vase by anna torfs
paisley print bag by jasper conran
fat boy beanbag
chairs by kartell
patchwork venetian mirror
beautiful cushions by some NZ company

frame key holder
frame cd holder
anna torfs glassware

Saturday, December 13, 2008

brilliant hotels

sometimes the best design ideas can be found in hotels, some of them even push the envelope a little and are quite quirky.I can personally vouch for two of these hotels pictured because I have been there but the rest are just on my wish list.