Thursday, February 25, 2010

20 things that nurture me

my dearest friend braja , tagged me to do this, what nurtures or feeds, protects, supports, encourages, inspires and nourishes me!!
1. firstly spirituality is what nurtures me the most, being connected to a higher Being and having a tangible relationship with Him.(Krsna below dressed and decorated by me)

2. family and friends (no photos for privacy purposes!!)
3.meditation esp. alone!

4. vegetarian & vegan cooking for my cafe as seen below and eating it too!

5. interior decorating and styling

6. designer furniture, pleasant to look at!

7. mystical, mysterious,meditative, moody India

8. NEW YORK, need i say more? some of my happiest days spent there..

9. beautiful homewares with lots of paisley or peacock designs like the wallpaper below

10. good music from meditative bhajans like below to jazz to pop etc

11. sunsets esp, the ones in india where they are amplified because of the smog/smoke.

12.good movies esp. OTT romantic ones like the one below or comedy

13.scented candles burning in my house or coupled with a bath or a good massage

14. good reading


16. my home decorated in blue my favorite color and with flowers always.

17. hot drinks like chai, tea, hot choci, nothing as nurturing as these esp. served in beautiful cups and glasses like the one below..

18. BLUE... the most nurturing colour for me in all the shades.

19. indian clothes especially saris

20. holidays in beautifully designed hotels like the SLS in LA designed by P.Starck


♥ Braja said...


I nearly put that pic up of the Indian arches and the lady...ha!

Oh sent me that pic!

Love the blue. Love the lot of it...

RNSANE said...

How lovely to read of the things that nurture you. I think Braja nurtures many of us with her wonderful blog and your blog, though I have just arrived at it is quite pretty and interesting. Your cafe is spectacular. You might need to come to San Francisco and open a branch!

Anonymous said...