Sunday, January 24, 2010


delightful lights now available here...

love this one of orchids by jeremy cole

mind bending buckle light

baskets by david trubridge, very delightful in 3

beads light

falling water cloud light

the famous coral light but in blue!


Marcy McCann said...

I found your site while checking one of my blogs for and then clicking the Next Blog link. I'm glad I did. As a site that finds art for people and prints custom wall murals and posters I'm always on the look out for cool home furnishing site just to keep art in my eye. I love the lights and the clothes. Well actually the furniture is so beautiful it makes me want to make sure my home is perfect at all times. Thanks for showcasing your thoughts and favorite things. Truly cool to look at.

mamta p said...

thank you

somebody said...