Monday, January 25, 2010


the indian sari is by far my favorite piece of clothing, it can be modest, beautiful, colorful, very unique and even sexy!

the process of sari making is long and often done by hand from dying and drying..

to printing and weaving..

to the gold threading

to the painstaking hand embroidery.

one of the joys of visiting india for me is most definitely sari shopping, the shops look so beautiful and alluring and the choices inside are mind bending!!

and why are there so many men in here? one fetches the sari you like from a very hard to reach spot, one gets you a thumbs up (a cold drink) while you try to make a choice, one opens the sari up, one folds it back (full time job this one), one shouts commands to the rest of them, and a couple just for good measure (to intimidate you and make you feel like a princess all at once)

there are millions to choose from designer ones worn on catwalks..

to modest ones worn to pilgrimage.

a couple of my favorites...(told you they could be sexy!)